October 6th, 2009


Today i had a job interview at at Bath & Body Works. The interview was quite awkward the group consisted of seven people including me. There were was the main person in charge of the interview, then another person who was the observer. The their was five applicants. One women was much older her name was Linda and she talked about how she started at sears as a sells person. The second girl was a girl named Summer, her father was the owner of the mall and she bright blue eyes & braces. She actually reminded me of the show "brace face" lol. The girl next to me named marty, would not stop talking about how she sold all kinds of meat at this market. She'd been doing it for 10 years, and she literary talked about meat for 30 minutes straight. Then there was a girl on the other side who was 18 with two kids her name was Heather and she already worked at a children's store in the mall. We started the interview by passing around a toilet paper and ripping off as much as we want. Then however many pieces we had, we had to tell an interesting fact about ourselves. But the best thing I found out is that I'll probably get hired and get a 30% discount at Bath & Body Works & Victoria Secret. Todays classes were a blur, and my dads birthday is in two days and I'll be home in 3. But on another note, I hope all is going well for my friend whose mom just passed away, I feel terribly. :(

Heres two pictures of me during dinner.

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